Lord Byron



For the first time in the field of art, this exhibition combines high-resolution mapping and augmented reality, which overlays artificial information about the environment and its objects on the real world. This unique integration allows to enter the exhibit through any image of the Suite Senefelder & Co by Eduardo Arroyo reproduced in a catalog, magazine or on a computer screen. You only have to download the free Layar App on the device, regardless of operating system (iOS or Android) and scan the image. Therefore, the title and several buttons will overlay the artwork, magnifying it and granting access to the different sections of the exhibition, including the possibility of buying it online in Photosai Gallery, the project developer. Thus, whether in Dubai, Tokyo or New York, each reproduction of the 102 prints from the Suite Senefelder and Co is turned into a gateway for the exhibition, and each mobile into a key to open it.



Pictured above: Lord Byron. 1995. Lithography (2 colors) 46,8 x 36,1 cm.